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Dad Knows Best: A Baby Shower Question Game

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I recently went to a baby shower where they were playing a really cute baby shower question game that I had not seen done at a baby shower before. It was a lot like the Newlywed Game, except that it was all about having a new baby and what thoughts the partner had. I thought it was a really nice way to incorporate the partner, even if they were not at the party. (Though this would totally be an awesome couples shower game !)

Before the baby shower. the hostess had contacted the dad and asked a series of questions about the pregnancy, birth, and baby. The answers were recorded and sealed for the party. When it came time to start the baby shower games, the questions were then the same exact questions were asked of the mother.

So you read the questions or pass the out to the audience, without the answers. Give them pens and paper and let them guess what his responses were to the questions. Then you have the mom answer and then read the dad’s answers. The winner is the person who had the most number of right answers. You can choose to have a prize or not.

Here are some examples of questions that you could ask as a part of the game:

  • Did mom-to-be have morning sickness or all day sickness?
  • Did the mom-to-be actually throw up or just have trouble with nausea?
  • What smells turned her stomach in pregnancy?
  • Did she avoid certain foods in any part of pregnancy?
  • What foods did she crave?
  • Which grew faster, her belly or her behind?
  • Would she say she’s carrying low or high ?
  • Who would she think is more likely to get up in the middle of the night with the baby?
  • Who will be more nervous when labor has started?
  • Did dad gain weight in pregnancy too? (If yes, how much?)
  • Who will be stricter with the baby?
  • Who gets to pick the baby’s name ?
  • Who is the baby most likely to look like?
  • Is the baby more likely to see a blank or blank game? (Here you can insert names of teams or of various sports.)
  • Who will hold the baby more?
  • Who will cry with the baby more?
  • How long will ________ take off work?
  • How long will labor last?
  • Who will ask for pain medication in labor first?
  • Who was the first person you told about the pregnancy?
  • Who was right about the sex of the baby? (If the couple knows the sex of baby.)
  • What will mom’s first post-baby meal be?
  • The baby is most likely to look like:
  • Which of you is more likely to forget the baby someplace?
  • Who will enforce the rules of the house?

This game is meant to be funny and a bit silly. Be very careful about the questions that you ask. While a question in the above list might be fine for one family, it may not be for another. You will have to judge this for yourself. It’s best to keep your list of questions to about 10-15 in length. Too much more and it becomes hard to manage.

While this was done between mom and dad, it could be translated to work well with nearly any family member. This would also make a really cute game to play using a sibling or other involved family member. You can totally move things around here and have fun with the questions and questioners.

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