Can you get answers for your homework #question #answer

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Can you get answers for your homework?

Yes, it is cheating. Some teachers know online sources and check them to find out what anwers they give, so they can sometimes catch you. In grade school or high school it wou ld be an automatic F, but in college it would be an automatic expulsion. Homework is intended to give practice on the subject, It is A way to have the student do the work repetatively, Thus etching the topic and formulas into the BRAIN. So if someone is getting the answers from someone else in any way, Then YES THATS CHEATING, YOURSELF!

You are cheating yourself out of quality education. The purpose of classroom quizzes and exams is to help you find your strong and weak points whereas the purpose of homework is for you to apply your time to researching correct answers. I would hardly qualify paying someone for answers as researching – I would certainly categorize it as cheating ON YOURSELF. Another opinion: If you use an online tutor to help you learn how to do your homework, it is the same as getting any other kind of teacher, and is not cheating. If you just get the tutor to tell you the answers and don’t try to learn, then it is cheating. (MORE)

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