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We are medical answering service specialists.

Answering calls for doctors, dentists and other health care providers is not the same as answering calls for plumbers, electricians or birthday clowns. That’s why MedConnectUSA works only with health care providers.

We deliver 100% HIPAA-compliant medical answering services, including after-hours phone support, secure private messaging, and disaster recovery services. And every call is answered by a medical teleservices expert.

100% USA based, never outsourced.

Call answering


Custom services and solutions.

Every medical practice has different requirements for their answering services. So we’ll custom-fit a solution that keeps your staff and your patients connected.

  • 24/7 Medical Answering Service
  • Daytime Hours Answering
  • Secure Messaging
  • Ready Assist
  • Voice Mail Services
  • Call Forwarding Assurance
  • Disaster Recovery


Medical answering service specialists

We only work with doctors, dentists, hospitals and other medical practices; that gives us more experience and a better understanding of the service and support your patients require.

Highly trained operators

Every operator is specially trained to provide medical answering services, with ongoing training to keep them up to date on changes in the health care industry and privacy laws.

100% HIPAA compliant

We use encrypted communications, secure web portals, and advanced security protocols to ensure all of our medical answering services meet HIPAA requirements.

A full range of teleservices

From routine physician answering services to complete disaster recovery assistance, we provide custom solutions that help patients, health care providers and staff stay connected 24/7.

100% USA based, never outsourced

All our operators are MedConnectUSA employees located in one of our US call centers, so you can be certain your patients’ phone calls and messages are being handled by medical answering service professionals.

Flexible rate plans

Your medical office has specific requirements, so we’ll work with you to develop the right combination of medical answering services and a custom rate plan just for you.

Call answering

Disaster Recovery Support

When you can’t answer your patients’ calls, we will.

When adverse weather, natural disaster or other unexpected events close your medical facilities, MedConnectUSA will keep you connected.

We’ve engineered all of our systems to provide a level of redundancy that guarantees your answering services, call forwarding, email and secure messaging will be there when you need them the most.

Client Testimonial

Before MedConnectUSA we changed answering services every 6-8 months because no other answering service understood the need for prompt professional handling of our calls. MedConnectUSA has allowed us to serve our patients more efficiently and more cost effectively than staffing our office 24/7. Their operators have proven to always be friendly and professional even during the tough times. MedConnectUSA is the last answering service we will ever need.

W. Emmerson, Crisis Center Administrator

Call answering

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