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Start revising using our bespoke platform, developed by clinical tutors and technology innovators to give you tools that help increase your chance of passing your exam.

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Use the feedback analysis tools to understand where you need to focus your revision and improve your knowledge.

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How can our revision platform help you?

You can systematically target your weak areas, improve your knowledge across all key topics in the current exam curriculum, test your exam aptitude, log your learning and progress with the ability to review or return to sessions at any time during your subscription.

Test You

These tools will stretch you and put your knowledge and exam aptitude to the test with questions being delivered in a random order not by topic, working in test mode – no answers until the end and a series of Mock Tests.

Focus You

Our Learning tools help you to focus your revision and improve your knowledge by targeting your weak areas. You will be able to structure and plan how to systematically tackle all the relevant topics and make handy revision notes as you progress through the questions.

Track You

Detailed Performance analysis tools and graphs will ensure you understand how you are performing by session and improving overtime. The learning journal logs all your learning throughout your subscription.

Support You

Our free App allows you to revise offline on up to two devices, allowing you to fit in your revision wherever you are around your work and home commitments. Responsive customer service and clinical revision support is on hand to help guide and inform your revision experience.

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Find answers to any question

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