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  • Are you are interested in learning more about God s word? Sign up for our free Bible Study Course and go through a beneficial series of eight lessons that will teach you some valuable truths from the Bible. On the menu bar, select “Lessons Bible Basics” or click here .
  • Need an overall introduction to the Bible? Check out our latest Bible survey for beginners with over 250 lessons. On the menu bar, select “Lessons Bible Surveys Beginner Bible Survey” or click here .
  • Don’t have time to read the Bible? How about dedicating one hour a day for only a month to read the entire New Testament from start to finish! On the menu bar, select “more. Study Aids” and scroll down to the “New Testament-in-a-Month Reading Plan” section.
  • Does God care who leads a local congregation? Check out our latest series of Bible lessons on “The Eldership”. On the menu bar, select “Lessons The Church The Eldership” or click here.

Introduction. Since 1998, the Bible Questions website has been dedicated to providing Bible-based answers to your Bible-based questions. Find answers to your Bible ques tions by searching our vast arch ive of over 1000 answered questions and related articles . They are conveniently organized into various “Topics” under the menu bar above (top left corner for our mobile visitors) or you can also use the alphabetical links below. For example, if you have a question a bout “baptism”, select the letter “B” and scroll down to the section on Baptism .

Other available materials. Under the menu bar above, we also have online downloadable Bible study “Lessons”, “Study Aids”, audio recordings of “Sermons”, a blog, and information “About Us”.

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