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Why So Many Questions?

I have attempted to hunt down every objection, difficulty, and alleged contradiction every non-Christian and Christian has asked. I tried to show some of the archaeological support for the Bible, discuss Bible and science issues, and give multiple answers in some places where Christian scholars disagree. I often look at things skeptically, but praise God Jesus died for skeptics, too. I also believe the Bible in the original manuscripts is the inerrant word of God. However, I am extremely skeptical of other things, such as the claims that the universe could have started by random chance.

How Important is All This?

Frankly, it is not critical for a Christian to know the answers to all these questions. Could anyone have been a good Christian prior to having the wealth of archaeological evidence we have in the twentieth century? Of` course! Many fine Christians have a deep relationship with Jesus, and other gifts, without having this head-knowledge.

What About non-Conservative Christians?

I grew up in a liberal Christian environment where most thought the Bible had many errors. I believe there are a large number of non-conservative Christians who would be happy to become conservative Christians, except that they see some alleged errors in the Bible, and see no hope of ever resolving them. If this describes you, perhaps these answers will really help.

What If You Don’t Have an Answer?

For much of my Christian life, there have been one or two questions I could not fully answer. I would pray about them, read the Bible, study what others said, and eventually, sometimes months later, I would have the answers. Meanwhile, by then I had new questions. My questions were a way God used to teach me.

How Do I Become a Christian?

Two words: repent and believe. Here is what these mean, as well as what they do not mean.

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