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Professional Answering Services

At Answering Service United we do more than just take your out of hours calls. We evaluate the importance of every call, and if it is an urgent call, we can contact the appropriate member of staff, day or night, and have them deal with it.

The benefits of call answering really come into their own and pay off handsomely when your small business closes down for the day, and all your employees go home. This is the time when you are most likely to miss important calls from customers and clients who are located in different time zones where they are still in the middle of their working day.

You can t be expected to keep a receptionist employed continuously, day and night, in your office; it wouldn t be a cost effective measure, but hiring a professional phone answering service to handle all your out of hours calls is cost effective, and a very smart thing to do.

Perhaps you are thinking that you already have a system in place to capture out of hours calls, and yes, a simple voice mail system can be effective, to some degree. However, many of your potential customers will simply lay down the phone as soon as they hear an automated voice telling them to leave a message after the tone.

People like to speak to a real human person not an automated machine. Without a telephone answering service in place to take your calls, day or night, and whenever they come in, you will inevitably lose some customers and clients.

More than just an answering phone service

At Answering Service United we do more than just take your out of hours calls. We evaluate the importance of every call, and if it is an urgent call, we can contact the appropriate member of staff, day or night, and have them deal with it. With our urgent call handling service, we put the emphasis on your customers, ensuring they get the customer care and attention they deserve. By offering an answering service to fit your particular needs, whatever they may be, we can help to grow your business. This is good for you, and good for your customers and clients too.

We offer you more convenience by redirecting important calls to the appropriate member of staff. We can send messages as email, text or fax as well, if that is a better solution. The business of today needs professional communications, a professional phone answering service that reflects favorably on your company. Our virtual receptionists will appear to your callers simply as another member of your staff, working on your behalf. They will never place a customer or client on hold, or sound like someone from an uncaring call center. We can customize your answering service to fit seamlessly into your existing communications system. In this way we can guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

A flexible call center solution

We offer affordable answering services that can provide all the flexibility you need. It doesn t have to be an all or nothing telephone answering service with us. For example, if your existing office receptionist is able to manage incoming calls most of the time, but gets swamped occasionally, or at a particular time of day, then we can set up a system whereby we can handle all the overflow calls. Your customers or clients will never be left listening to a busy tone, or trying repeatedly to get through, but getting an irritating and frustrating busy tone every time.

We can remove all that frustration from your customers, and give your receptionist an easier time too, by having all the overflow calls seamlessly redirected to the virtual receptionists at our premises. Your callers will never know the difference. They will get through to someone each and every time and never hear a busy tone. This is good for your business reputation, and conducive to encouraging your first time customers to become satisfied repeat customers.

A disaster recovery and back up service too

What do you do when there s a power outage, or if there s a fault with your phone company? Like most of us, you probably call support, if you can, and try to get them to reinstate the service. Sometimes that works, but all too often you have no choice but to sit it out, waiting for the service to be resumed again. It can be so very frustrating, but thankfully, we have a solution!

Because our professional phone answering service is what we do, we naturally have given careful thought to disaster scenarios. If lightning fries a part of our system, we have a back up plan that we can put into action almost immediately. If the power company goes down, we can be back up in next to no time at all, providing a seamless service for you.

We can be your disaster recovery and back up service, for we depend on unbroken service to all our clients. While other businesses in your area are floundering without power or phone lines, your customers and clients can continue to be serviced, getting through to one of our friendly receptionists in a virtual office that will provide whatever service they need.

Isn t that exactly what your business deserves? At Answering Service United, we make it happen every time.


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