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Amplicom AB900 Review

The Amplicom AB900 is a standalone answering machine intended for use in personal offices or homes in need of a single message inbox. It offers you the ability to control playback speed and can achieve remarkable audio levels so that you’re not always straining to hear the details of a message. If audio levels are your concern, this device will provide a remarkable level of volume without sacrificing clarity.

As a telephone answering machine, this device offers a solid level of performance. It comes with 24 minutes of digital recording, combined with flash memory to ensure your messages aren’t cut off in the event of a power outage. You can control two rotary dials for frequency tone control and playback speed, which means you can improve the quality of audio and speed up or slow down message playback as needed.

In addition, the digital answering machine comes with all the other controls you’d expect, including play, pause, delete message, delete all messages, skip and repeat. At the top of the device is a two-digit LED display that indicates the total number of messages recorded on the unit. When a new message is received, this indicator blinks to alert you. The device also sports a 3.5 millimeter audio jack for a headset if you have difficulty understanding the loudspeaker or need to listen to messages more quietly.

Audio is a common problem faced by many phone answering machines. The loudspeaker often suffers from sub-par hardware that turns any playbacks into a static mess where the message gets lost in all the noise. The volume on this phone answering machine can reach a maximum volume of 40 decibels, so it isn’t something you’ll struggle to hear. In addition, it utilizes quality speakers, so the clarity of the message doesn’t suffer as the volume on the device goes up.

The Amplicom AB900 is a simple and reliable cordless phone that’ll work with cordless phones. It comes with a reasonable digital recording capacity, combined with numerous controls for managing your messages and their playback. Combined with its quality playback and high audio levels, this is a device that will perform well in any personal office or home without significantly hitting your bank account.

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