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Facing a job interview board probably comes right below public speaking on a fear list. Many of us liken it to a third-degree interrogation. But heck, do a few and you’ll find it’s not too bad at all. Every veteran interviewee will tell you that being prepared is half the battle won. A technical interview might be a different ball game though.

Sometimes, the most matter of fact questions can knock you off kilter. The ‘tell me about yourself’ interview ice-breaker makes the ‘most difficult interview questions’ list quite often. A smart off the cuff answer works, but it works better if you have the answer prepared.

If preparation is the key, browse through these eight interview websites and bulletproof your job search with the wealth of technical and non-technical interview questions and answers listed there.

Careercup is a resource of tech interview questions from companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and a lot of others. The site was started in 2005, so to date the bank of questions is 3,000 strong. You can trawl through the questions by using the dropdown for Companies, Job Titles. and Topics. The answers and solutions are supplied by the community of readers. You can add your own interview questions and also engage with others in the chat room.

We have featured this free career website and community before but it was as a salary comparison tool. Since then, the site has come out of beta and developed into a deeper microscope for the job market with company reviews, salary comparisons, and interview tips. The site lists interview questions across the spectrum of job listings from sales to technology. The site is well organized with each company getting a page that starts with an overview and hives off into details like interview difficulty rating, questions asked, and other information like background checks, interview schedules, etc. It’s definitely is one of the better job information sites out there.

The go-to site for career and job listing information has a well covered career advice section with a section devoted to interviewing. Check out all the articles listed under The Tough Questions. A few hints from How to Answer Five Difficult Interview Questions and 100 Potential Interview Questions should help you ace any interview.

The wide variety of guides on About.com is always more than useful. It’s the same with the roll of interview questions and best answers for each of them. Follow all the links and check them out.

We move away from all the general and technical interview websites with this one. As the name says, the site is all about in-depth interview questions for those who are interested in getting into management consulting. The case studies are arranged by type, industry, and consulting firm.

The technical interview website is simple in looks but its list of actual interview questions asked by IT companies could be more than useful. Each question also has the answer and you can add your own. Filter the questions against the company using the list of companies on the right.

The site of course, has a nicely laid out interview preparation section with a lot of questions for the software programmer or coder. The site leans towards the Indian IT scene but the questions should be universal for an IT interview. The site also has tutorials on technology, tech articles, career related articles, job postings, certification questions and guides, online tests and other study aids.

The website with a barebones search engine-like interface is actually a dynamic, community driven collection of most common general purpose and technical interview questions. The search box gave me a bunch of unrelated results (the Advanced Search targets them better), so I guess it’s better to use the menu on the top. Not all questions have answers but the collection of interview questions and answers is quite large.

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