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Take advantage of our answering service 24 hours day, all for just a low monthly fee of $39!

Make the difference between your company and your competitors when you have a 24 hour phone answering available to pick up your phone calls at all times.

  • US-based operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • Have your calls answered in three rings or less – amazing!
  • Have your messages faxed, emailed, or texted directly to you.
  • No programming and set-up fees for your phone script.

What can a 24 hour answering service do for your business?

A 24 hour answering service is an invaluable resource for any company, no matter how big or small. The foremost benefit to be had through this service is that regardless of when a current or potential client calls, they are able to speak to a live representative ready and willing to help them. Although there are some companies that remain open for 24 hours, these are few and far between. Therefore, many businesses can benefit from answering services such as ours, especially when it comes to generating new leads and attracting new clients.

When customers call and there is no one there to answer, opportunities are missed. There have been countless studies conducted to thoroughly explore this idea, most of which demonstrate how customers react to a machine rather than a person when they call a company. A 2011 study conducted by Consumer Reports further investigates this idea.

The study created a scale ranging from 1 to 10, 10 indicating the most irritable situation imaginable. Consumers were asked to rank how irritated they get when they call and cannot reach a live operator, which resulted in a ranking of an 8.9! Multi-step processes demonstrate a similar result, scoring an 8.5 in terms of irritability.

For comparison purposes, the irritability level of pushy retail sales associates was also measured. This rating was actually lower than that of the previous result, ranking at just an 8.2. This means that being unable to reach a human representative on the phone is more irritating to individuals than having to confront an obnoxious salesperson while shopping in a retail setting.

Many businesses feel as if voicemail is good enough, but time and time again, this is demonstrated to be incredibly misleading. In fact, the primary issue encountered with voicemail is that most individuals will simply neglect to leave any message at all. If they believe that they can simply call another business and get similar service or results, they don’t see a reason not to.

Of course, time sensitive matters are other issues that can’t be handled efficiently by voicemail. Without human contact, customers in need of urgent services will certainly not leave you a message. In fact, they will often choose the service that answers their call first. For this reason, implementing a 24 hour answeringservice can be an invaluable business move that gives you an edge over your competitors.

Allow yourself the freedom to focus on your interests and strengths by leaving the tedious nature of call management to our team of professionals.

Our 24 hour answering solution can give your business the upper hand

You might be wondering, how exactly does a 24 hour call center service work? When you aren’t at your office, or when your call volume is excessively high and all of the calls can’t be answered, we provide support. Calls that remain unanswered are rerouted to us and are promptly picked up by one of our professional, courteous operators. After using the phone script that you provide to answer the call, our operators will take messages to then fax, email, or text back to you. It is at this time that you can use your own expertise to determine how to respond to each message, as some may need an acknowledgement email whereas others need an actual call.

Of course, having someone answer your phones 24 hour is helpful during off hours in particular. Because most businesses are closed and don’t have a live operator after hours, you are likely to receive urgent business and business from customers who are up at night seeking the services that your company provides. Without competitors doing the same thing, you will have a well-established upper hand.

With services beginning at the low rate of $39 each month, our company can provide you with everything that you need and more.

Our premier call center cannot be outdone

As one of the few companies who uses only operators based in the US, Flat Answering Service can provide your business with everything that you need and more to ensure your supremacy in the market.

To put a definite end to the endless ringing, dial tones, and impersonal voicemails that drive customers away, choose our company for the best solution possible.

Ready to begin your services?

When you recognize the benefits of using a 24 hour answering service, you can sign up for our services below. If you have any questions, please contact us to resolve them prior to making an ultimate decision.

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