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I need a prayer answered

We thank God for these answered prayer requests and hope that they will encourage your faith to trust Him with all your needs.

Hallie, Marilyn and Sarah were praying against cancer on their program. Hallie had a knot (lump) on her hand that had been there for many years. The doctors said it was skin cancer. Hallie didn’t have the resources for continued medical treatment. She came into agreement prayer with Marilyn and Sarah and suddenly the lump disappeared on her hand as they were praying. She returned to the doctor and received confirmation that her hand was healed.

Louise, called for prayer for her husband. The doctors said he needed a heart transplant. After prayer, Louise informed us that the doctors said he doesn’t need the surgery. He is healed!

Jaiah, was going through depression and almost to the point of ‘giving up’. There were problems in his family and church that were ‘insurmountable’. While watching the program each day, he felt renewed hope and encouragement to his heart and mind. He said, “Marilyn and Sarah’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the Word of God revived me and increased my faith to believe and to put my trust in God.” He attributes his victory over depression toward watching Today with Marilyn and Sarah.

Shirley, one day Marilyn and Sarah were praying for those who had diabetes. Shirley’s sugar/glucose level was between 300-400. She placed her hand on the TV and felt warmth all throughout her body and ‘knew something was happening in her body’. She returned to the doctor and it was confirmed, she was healed and her pancreas and insulin/glucose levels are normal.

LaDonna, attributes the following testimony toward being a Partner with Marilyn Hickey Ministries. There had been many problems in the family that caused a division between her and her daughter. Her daughter moved away with the grandchildren and LaDonna didn’t know their whereabouts for over 7 years. Meanwhile, she started watching the program on a daily basis and was encouraged by the ministry and mission outreaches all over the world. She decided to become a partner and support Marilyn Hickey Ministries’ endeavors. Less than one month after becoming a Partner, she found a note taped to her door with a phone number written on it to call. She called the number and, much to her surprise, was rejoined with her family. There are still some issues that need to be worked out, but she attributes this miraculous reunion to Marilyn and Sarah and their prayers for their Partners!

Barbara, on the program, Sarah prayed for those with back troubles, and Barbara noticed later on that her back was healed and on her birthday!

Beverly, while watching Marilyn teach on forgiveness and let go of bitterness on the program, Beverly was instantly able to forgive and let go of bitterness and has a new joy in the Lord.

Linda, had called for prayer for her son’s healing from heart surgery on the aorta. His heart stopped twice after the surgery, but was able to be revived. He is now at home and doing well.

Ruben, called to say that he had been out of work for six months had been having trouble sleeping worrying about financial difficulties. His wife told him she was watching the Marilyn Sarah program Sarah had a word from the Lord “that someone was not able to sleep at night worrying about problems bills, but not to worry about it because God is going to handle everything.” Ruben had just received a letter saying his unemployment was going to be extended he called to say that God is working his way right now.

John, called the ministry to let us know that numbness had subsided in his body, while watching the television program, after Marilyn had prayed.

Noami, requested prayer online one month ago for her son who needed a job. God answered her prayer and her son now has a job and is getting multiple job offers.

Kim, had a financial need on Monday, and while watching the program, Kim felt led to give a financial gift. By Friday, her financial need had been met.

Annette, on the television program, Marilyn prayed for anyone with tumors; Annette had 3 fibroid, which caused discomfort. After Marilyn prayed, Annette discovered that the tumors were gone.

Bobbie, was in need of a job and called for prayer. After praying with a ministry partner, Bobbie was blessed with a job.

Mark, called the ministry one week ago wanting prayer regarding money that was owed him. We prayed and he received his money back!

I need a prayer answered

I need a prayer answered

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