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Answer Motocross Helmets

BTO Sports offers the largest selection of Answer helmets for rock-bottom prices. As part of our commitment to keeping you protected while riding for less, we offer Answer motocross helmets for clearance prices and free shipping for orders over $85 in the continental U.S. For the best value for your money, an Answer helmet will give you the protection and quality you deserve.

With a mission to deliver motocross enthusiasts with racing products they can trust, Answer Racing made its debut in the motocross industry in 1976. Supported by their vision to provide superior protection to riders, Answer has become an industry leader for quality motocross gear for both hardcore racers and weekend riders. With customized engineering in every piece of riding gear, Answer delivers superior protection and unsurpassed comfort to enhance the motocross experience.

Answer dirt bike helmets area a very popular entry level style helmet. The full line of motocross helmets for Answer start out with the cheapest dirt bike helmet the SNX 1.0. These are a great deal for an entry level style dirt bike helmet. They come in a few different color ways, first being the Answer Faze helmet which offer three different color ways, a blue/orange, green/yellow, and black/red. Then you have the SNX1.0 solid helmet which comes in the white and black solid color ways. The next level up for the Answer motocross helmets are the Evolve 2.0. This line of dirt bike helmets comes in many more color ways and has a slightly higher retail price. The color ways on these motocross helmets are more aggressive and will be a lot more eye catching out there on the track or trails. This dirt bike helmet also comes in a ghost white style that seems to be pretty popular.

The next level for Answer motocross helmets would be the new 2016 Evolve 3 MIPS helmet. Again we are seeing the MIPS technology being applied to the new line of dirt bike helmets. This is new technology that is designed to reduce the rotational forces when a rider has an accident. Again you can always find a great deal when looking for a mid level motocross helmet with Answer. The best style both cosmetic and function you can get with the Answer evolve 3 MIPS helmet. Make sure to shop all your dirt bike helmet or motocross helmet needs at BTO Sports.

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15 Popular Interview Questions Answered

Featured Author:

A+ Resumes for Teachers

Candace Davies, President of A+ Resumes for Teachers, is a Certified Resume Writer, Interview Coach Strategist, and Author of 8 popular educational job search ebooks. She is dedicated to assisting teachers, administrators and other education professionals to advance their career quickly, easily and with less stress. Candace takes pride in using innovative writing and formatting techniques to ensure her clients job search documents get results. Visit her website at or sign up to receive free weekly teaching job search tips, interview questions and answers and other career advice by visiting

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Candace Davies | A+ Resumes for Teachers

Preparing for an interview is probably the most overlooked phase of securing a new job position. Everyone thinks it is easy until they enter an interview room in front of a panel of educators who are judging every move and every word. Then, reality sinks in! The panel might include the superintendent of the school district, school principals, teachers, and parents, making it critical to address your answers to all involved. The more you prepare for an interview, the better your odds of securing a job offer will be.

Listed here are 15 common job interview questions and possible answers to give you some ideas on what to include in your responses. Keep in mind, these are just possibilities and should be used with discretion. Each candidate s background, teaching style, and experiences are different, and the answers should reflect those differences.

There is one thing you must remember that applies to everyone who interviews don t lie! Also, keep in mind, that you should tailor your answers to address the specific needs of a school or school district in which you are interested.

Interactive Map for Teaching Jobs

1) Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Oh, yes, this is the question that is most likely to be asked first. I call it a two minute commercial about yourself. This is a great opportunity to sell yourself to the school district representatives. Keep in mind, if it is the first question asked, it will set the stage for the interview, so it needs to be extremely strong. Don t be too modest. This will provide an overview, an introduction, to you. You might start by stating, As you can see from my resume…. and then mention your degrees and certifications and give a quick run down of your relevant experience. The last 1 ½ minutes should be used to communicate your strengths and skills and what you can do to enhance education in their district. In other words, they are asking Why should we hire you? Practice this carefully. You need a few sentences that answer that question at the end of your response. Also, at the end, you may want to mention why you would enjoy working for the school district in the position for which they are hiring.

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iAssociate 2: A Truly Unique Word Game for the iPhone

iAssociate 2 for the iPhone ($3.99) is a truly unique word game. It seems like most of the word games you come across in the App Store are variations of Boggle, Text Twist or Scrabble. iAssociate 2 is refreshingly unlike any of these.

The object of iAssociate 2 is to uncover associated words which are all related to a theme, such as food. You are initially presented with one central word (the theme word) that is surrounded by related words whose letters are represented by dashes.

The number of letters for each word is in parentheses. You simply guess what the unknown words are. When you type in a correct answer, 250 points are added to your score, the completed word turns red, and new associations (indicated by dotted lines) appear. If you only guess one or more letters in unsolved words, you receive 5 points per letter. Each puzzle also has at least one bonus word that is more difficult to solve. As you gain points, new levels are opened up, and you are awarded medals.

Initially, the game can seem intimidating since you aren t given any clues, aside from the number of letters and the theme of the puzzle, to assist you in figuring out a word. But, there are techniques for solving the puzzles that make the task of solving easier. For example, assume your known word is horse and you see several associated words related to it. Possibilities might include colt, foal, mare, filly, equine, etc. You can type your guesses on the blank words, or, to save time and effort, simply click on horse, and type in your guesses. If you do it this way, the game will automatically fill the associated words into their correct slots.

Even if you don t have any idea what the related terms might be, you can still solve the words simply by typing each letter of the alphabet in turn until you uncover the first letter, second letter, etc. This becomes tedious pretty quickly, but sometimes that s the only way to make progress.

iAssociate 2 offers help in two forms. First, you can request help for individual words within the app by pressing the hint button, but you are limited as to the number of hints you can receive in a given puzzle. The app also allows you to request help via Facebook. Simply press the Facebook button and then touch the word you can t solve. Your request for help will appear on the app s Facebook page and another player might just give you the assistance you need.

I m pretty stubborn when it comes to solving puzzles, so I m not likely to use the hint button or the Facebook option. However, I am not above using Google to figure out related words. For example, I worked a puzzle that included numerous words from WWII, including the names of certain aircraft. I utilized Google to research WWII aircraft, discovered possible words, and eventually I solved the puzzle. What s great is that, not only did I have fun solving the puzzle, but I also learned some history (and aircraft trivia) in the process. That s one reason I really like iAssociate. I always learn something new while I m playing it. How often can you say that about a word scramble game?

What s Macgasmic. iAssociate is a wonderfully unique word game that is both challenging and fun. Gameplay is simple once you learn a few solving techniques. And, when you uncover words, more associations are revealed, so the game is similar to a treasure hunt—one clue leads to another and another. I really enjoy the easy pace of the game. You don t play against a clock, though you can earn medals for solving puzzles quickly. My favorite aspect, as noted above, is that the game encourages learning as you discover new associations and words.

What s Not: The game does have a few weaknesses, all of them related to typing. If you only partially solve a word or phrase, you have to retype the whole thing in order to solve it. For example, in one puzzle I typed One Flew Over the Cookoo s Nest (obviously I misspelled the word cuckoo ). So, the game showed me the consecutive letters I got correct: One flew over the c – – -. But I couldn t just type the remaining letters to solve the phrase. I had to retype the entire expression again. On the iPhone s tiny keypad, this gets pretty frustrating. Also related to the iPhone s small screen is the fact that words can be hard to see, especially when the puzzle expands. You can zoom in slightly, but I sure hope there s an iPad version in the works. iAssociate would be much easier to play with on the bigger screen.

One last quirk I noticed: when typing abbreviations, you have to type with the exact punctuation and spacing that the game creator used or you will get the word wrong. So, if the solution is J.F.K. but you type J. [space] F. [space] K. you will only get the first letter and period correct. This isn t a major problem, and I can t think of a way the developer could avoid it. But at 3:00 a.m. with only one word left to solve, little annoyances like that can make the game less enjoyable.

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Call Answering Rules for the End User

Each call answering rule that you create contains two key parts:

Conditions – The criteria that must be met before the rule can be applied to an incoming call.

Actions – The options that should be presented to the caller when all the conditions are met. These actions will be read to the caller over the phone, and the caller can then choose what they want to do using the keypad on their phone.

The following figure shows the form for creating a call answering rule. The form is divided into two columns. The right column displays the list of available conditions and actions you can use to build the rule. The left column displays the list of conditions and actions that have been added to the rule.

Conditions are rules that you can apply to call answering rules. By using a combination of conditions, you can create multiple call answering rules that will trigger when the conditions are met. To create a default rule that will be applied to every call, you create a rule that doesn’t contain any conditions.

There are four conditions that can be used when you set up call answering rules, including:

Automatic e-mail reply is enabled/disabled

Use one of the following options to add a condition for a call answering rule:

Actions are used to define what you want to happen when a condition is met. The three kinds of actions are:

Leave a Voice Mail

Use one of the following options to add an action for a call answering rule:

Adding a Find-Me Action

When a caller selects Find-Me, the voice mail system will attempt to locate you at up to 2 different phone numbers, and then connect the caller to you if you’re available at one of the phone numbers. To add Find-Me to your list of actions, click .

In the Find-Me dialog box, specify the phone numbers and other settings. The settings that are available are listed below:

You can specify text that will be read to the caller. For example, if you enter “Urgent Matters” to inform your callers that they should only select this action if they have important things to discuss with you, the voice mail system will say “For Urgent Matters, press the 1 key.”

You have to associate the Find-Me action with the number on the telephone keypad that the caller will have to press to select this action. In the example above, the 1 telephone key is the number callers will press to reach you at one of the phone number or numbers you specify.

Next you have to specify the one or two phone numbers that the voice mail system will dial. If you specify two telephone numbers, the second number will be dialed if you’re not available at the first. Each phone number that you specify has an associated duration. The duration is the time period during which the voice mail system will try to dial the phone number before it moves on to the next number. Or, if you can’t be contacted, the voice mail system will go back to the options menu.

After you’ve entered this information, click Apply to save the Find-Me settings.

Adding Call Transfer Options

By setting a Call Transfer action, you provide callers with the option to be transferred to another person’s phone number. To add Call Transfer to your list of actions, click .

There are several options that are available when you want to transfer an incoming call to another phone or Contact. The Transfer the Caller dialog box is shown below.

You can specify text that will be read to the caller. For example, you can enter “Important Matters” to inform your callers that they should choose this option if they have an important matter to discuss and need to speak to someone.

You have to associate the Call Transfer action with the number on the telephone keypad that the caller will have to press to select this action.

When you choose the Call Transfer action, you have to specify a person or phone number for the caller to be transferred to. You can choose a phone number or select a Contact to be called when the caller presses the correct key on the telephone keypad. If you specify a contact who’s within your company directory, the voice mail system will try to transfer the call to the extension number of that contact.

In addition to specifying a person or number for the caller to be transferred to, you also need to specify the number on the telephone keypad that the caller will have to press to select the Call Transfer action.

After you’ve entered this information, click Apply to save the Call Transfer settings.

Adding and Removing the Leave a Voice Mail Action

By default, the voice mail option is automatically added to each call answering rule. If you don’t want to offer this option, you can remove it by clicking . Press the # key to record a voice message. If you’ve removed the option for receiving a voice message, you can add it back by clicking the option.

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Math Crossword Puzzles

the branch of mathematics that deals with the relations between the sides and angles of plane or spherical triangles, and the calculations based on them. a set of equations that are all satisfied by the same values of the variables. An expression that is the ratio of two polynomials. One of two or more quantities that divides a given quantity without a remainder. For example, 2 and 3 are factors of 6; a and b are factors of ab. The power to which a base, such as 10, must be raised to produce a given number.

a corner on a shape. this has 2 circular faces and 1 curved face – what am i. more than one vertex is. 1 side of a face. a cube has six of these.

They connect the corners together and are the meeting point for the faces. The surface of a shape is called a _______. What are the meeting points for faces. What 4 letter 3D shape has 12 edges. A triangular ________ has 9 edges.

This shape has 3 faces -2 flat and 1 curved. The corners of a shape. The side of a face. This shape has triangular faces and 1 vertex. This shape has 6 faces and edges that are all the same length.

This shape has 3 faces. This shape has 4 extended external faces. It has two triangular faces. This shape has one square face. This shape has 8 vertices.

a way of displaying objects in rows and columns. symbols used to write a number (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9). a pattern used to make a solid. a customary unit of capacity. equal to 8 fluid ounces.

There are no repeat answers in this puzzle, each hint have its own answer.

He passed the ______ and ________ sections of the entrance exam, but failed the rest (history, languages, geography, etc.). Albert _______ school. He had ______ difficulty as a child. Albert was inspired by a _______. Albert Einstein died on _____ 16, 1955.

The set that contains all of the elements of two or more sets. Any trinomial of the form a2+2ab+b2. The sum and the difference of the same two terms. The counting numbers. To prove somethings true.

an equation that tells you how many roots you have and whether they are real or imaginary. can be divided evenly only by 1, or itself. this kind of line has an undefined slope. The location of a point on a plane. an ___ number is one that cannot be expressed as a ratio.

A number that shows repeated multiplication`. The number of quadrants on a graph. Means you divide the algebraic expression. Add the numbers together and divide by how many numbers you have. The value is much higher or lower than the other values, not all data has them.

Equations that have the same solution. For all real numbers a, b, and c. The motion of an object moving at a constant rate. An equation that is true for every value. To find the mean of a set of numbers, find the sum of the numbers and divide the sum by the number of items.

a relation in wich every member of the domain is mapped 1 and 1 member of the range. if a graph does not change when reflected over a line or rotated around a point. a number that cannot be expressed in the form (a/b)where a and b are integers. a definition of a function by a formula in terms of the varible. a number of the term i.

One of the positive or negative numbers. A symbo or number placed above and afteranother symbol or number to denote the power to which the latter is being raised. A number that, when multiplied by itself, produces the given number. A series of points, discrete or continuous, as in forming a curve or surface, each of which represent a value of a given function. A data element that is significantly different from other elements in the data collection, or an element that appears to imply a pattern that is inconsistent with the bulk of the data evidence.

6 sides. 11 sides. flat geametric feature. 10 sides. measure around.

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ChaCha Reviews

Flexible salary, instant payment, Easy to do, Interesting job, Great for people who love trivia, perfect for moms looking to make a few extra dollars in between the REAL job of raising their children. No phone work, which is a bonus when small children are around.

The pay system used to be complex, but at least it was based on MONEY. You basically earned two cents for every question you answered (but it was easy to answer approx 40 to 50 questions an hour as we were given great training for where to find the most accurate info in the quickest manner). Then management turned the pay system into a confusing mess of earning COINS (essentially points) which could then be converted to a monetary value after a minimum was earned. The already low pay was essentially cut by 33 %..It was ridiculous and I quit working for them.

Advice to Management

Communicate with the Guides. They are the heart and soul of the company. They are the ones who interact with the clients and they are what make ChaCha different from any other search engine. We are not bots, but actual humans communicating with another person via text. Do not devalue the work we do to ridiculously low pay levels. I had been a guide for four years and was FAST and had great ratings. But when I spend 4 hours working and I haven t even made enough to buy a gallon of milk, it was no longer worth my time. I LOVED the job. I hated quitting. I understand it is a business and you must make money, but if your niche is having LIVE people actually answering your texts, pay them a reasonable rate, since they are the only thing that set you apart from any other search engine.

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Best answer: First, may I thank you, and also congratulate you for posting such an amazing, and appropriate question. You ve certainly generated a huge response.

One thing I ve noticed that I find both interesting and disturbing in many of the answers is the immediate reference to a certain description of President Obama. Perhaps others have picked up on this as well. There s just something about him that makes him different from the other presidents. Gosh, I just can t imagine what THAT could be.

Seriously, folks, WHY is that the very first thing that comes to many people s minds when asked what they think about President Obama? What about his accomplishments? His classiness? His coolness? His poise? But nooooo. the first thing we say is, Oh, he was black

Really. This is ALL that maters or comes to mind when you think about him?

When I think of President Obama, I think of a man of great class. This guy is cool! He has quite the sense of humor. The country s economy was in quite the mess when he first came into office. A certain group of people (Gosh, I can t imagine WHO) put up one roadblock after another, after another in an attempt to make this guy look bad. That s been their plan. Whatever he was for, they were against. It did not matter if some of his plans were actually very good plans that would benefit the American people. Because these were his plans, they were against them. Then they had the nerve to turn around and try to say, What has President Obama ever done for this country? Not a thing! That s been their agenda all along. They wanted him to look bad.

But they have FAILED.

Despite of all those road blocks, I think President Obama has done quite an amazing job in turning things around compared to how they were when he first took office. Is there still work to be done? Is there room for improvement? Absolutely! The work must go forward. I cringe to think what this country would look like today if the previous president was still in power.

One of our presidential candidates has the slogan, Make America Great Again . My question is, Isn t America ALREADY great? I believe it is.

No, President Obama isn t perfect. Do you know anybody who is? I don t. You cannot please all of the people all of the time, and I believe President Obama is well aware of that. He has faced a LOT of criticism, probably more than many past presidents. Some of the criticism might be warranted, but I believe a lot of it is not. Some of the blatant displays of disrespect towards him, which I think is undeserving, have been way beyond what other presidents have experienced, and yet, look how he s handled it; He is a man of class.

I am grateful to have lived during the time when he was our president.

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Footwork: Steps in all directions should be taken first with the ball of the foot in contact with the floor, and then with the heel lowering when the weight is fully transferred. When weight is released from a foot, the heel should release first, allowing the toe to maintain contact with the floor.

Hip Movement: Latin Hip movement is achieved through the alternate bending and straightening action of the knees. In the International Latin style, the weighted leg should be straight. The free leg will bend, allowing the hips to naturally settle into the direction of the weighted leg. As a step is taken, a free leg will straighten the instant before it receives weight. It should then remain straight until it is completely free of weight again.

When dancing Latin, stand upright with weight held forward towards the balls of the feet. The basic Latin hold is compact, with partners standing slightly apart. The lady’s right hand and man’s left hand are joined in an upper-hand clasp at approximately the lady’s eye level. The man’s right hand is placed on the lady’s shoulder blade, with the lady’s left arm resting easily on his right. The resulting dance “frame” should be sturdy and well connected.

200 Fun Trivial Questions and Answers #cooking #questions #answered

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200 Fun Trivial Questions and Answers

Trivia indeed but fun, as unimportant and insignificant these questions and answers might be, yet they are very interesting. Seeking for some fun? why not try out these trivia but fun questions and answers. most of them might even seem so strange and weird but it is a great way to have fun. Feeling bored and in need of some fun, why not try going through a list of fun trivia questions and answers, it has a wave of fun and excitement surrounding it. Here is our list of fun trivia questions and answers and we hope you ll find it interesting.

1. What nation was bounced from the Organisation of American States in 1962? Cuba.

2. What continent has the fewest flowering plants? Antarctica.

3. What element begins with the letter K ? Krypton.

4. What country saw a world record 315 million voters turn out for elections on May 20, 1991? India.

5. What national holiday in Mexico has picnickers munching chocolate coffins and sugar skulls? The Day of the Dead.

6. What nation s military attached dynamite packs to Dobermans before sending them into Palestinian guerrilla hideouts? Israel.

7. What was the first planet to be discovered using the telescope, in 1781? Uranus.

8. How many days does a cat usually stay in heat? Five.

9. How many U.S. states border the Gulf of Mexico? Five.

10. What s the ballet term for a 360-degree turn on one foot? Pirouette.

11. What did blind bank robber David Worrell use as a weapon when trying to rob a London bank? His cane.

12. What Great Lake state has more shoreline than the entire U.S. Atlantic seaboard? Michigan.

13. What model appeared topless on the self-penned 1993 novel Pirate? Fabio.

14. If you had Lafite-Rothschild on your dinner table, what would it be? Wine.

15. What is sushi traditionally wrapped in? Edible seaweed.

16. May Queen, Wisley Crab, Foxwhelps and Lane s Prince Albert are all species of what? Apples.

17. What is allspice alternatively known as? Pimento.

18. What colour is Absynth? Green.

19. What flavour is Cointreau? Orange.

20. What was the most watched UK TV programme of all time? Eastenders, when Den divorced Angie, which drew 30.10 million viewers on 25th December, 1986.

21. Phyllis Nan Sortain Pechey was as famous for her flamboyant character as for her cookery books and TV show throughout the late 1960s to the mid 1970s. By what name was she more usually known? Fanny Cradock.

22. Which popular BBC series about old collectibles began in 1977, presented by Bruce Parker and Arthur Negus, and is still running to this day? Antiques Roadshow.

23. Which BBC music programme was broadcast weekly between 1964 and 2006? Top of the Pops.

24. Alastair Burnett, Sandy Gall, Reginald Bosanquet, Alastair Stewart, Carol Barnes and Trevor McDonald were all regular presenters of which TV programme? ITV News at Ten.

25. Which country has more tractors per capita, Canada, Iceland or Japan?

26. Who averaged one patent for every three weeks of his life?
Thomas Edison.

27. What Elton John album became the first album to enter the charts at Number One, in 1975?
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.

28. What laundry detergent got lots of mileage out of the ad line, ring around the collar ? Wisk.

29. Who, after anchoring off Hawaii in 1779, was mistaken for the god Lono? Captain James Cook.

30. What continent is cut into two fairly equal halves by the Tropic of Capricorn? Australia.

31. What explorer introduced pigs to North America? Christopher Columbus.

32. What magazine boasts the slogan: Test, Inform, Protect ?
A: Consumer Reports.

33. Who was billed as the Killer of Custer in Buffalo Bill s Wild West Show?
A: Sitting Bull.

34. What railway linked Moscow and Irkutsk in 1900? The Trans-Siberian Railway.

35. What is the minimum number of musicians a band must have to be considered a big band ? Ten.

36. What s a water moccasin often called, due to the white inside its mouth?
A cottonmouth.

37. What duo survived a 1909 shootout with Bolivia s cavalry, according to historians? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

38. What F-word is defined in physics as a nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei ? Fusion.

39. What s the largest and densest of the four rocky planets? Earth.

40. What ingredient in fresh milk is eventually devoured by bacteria, causing the sour taste? Lactose.

41. Who offered insurance against an accidental death caused by a falling Sputnik? Lloyds of London.

42. Which is the only American state to begin with the letter p ? Pennsylvania.

43. Name the world s biggest island. Greenland.

44. What is the world s longest river? Amazon.

45. Name the world s largest ocean. Pacific.

46. What is the diameter of Earth? 8,000 miles.

47. Where would you find the world s most ancient forest? Daintree Forest, north of Cairns, Australia.

48. Which four British cities have underground rail systems? Liverpool, Glasgow, Newcastle and London.

49. What is the capital city of Spain? Madrid.

50. Which country is Prague in? Czech Republic.

REBUS – Absurd Logic Game: Walkthrough and Answers #answer #any #question

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REBUS Absurd Logic Game: Walkthrough and Answers

REBUS Absurd Logic Game
By: Jutiful

If you like brain teasers and tricky word games you ll probably like rebuses. This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, cheats, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game REBUS Absurd Logic Game by Jutiful. You can find all answers and explanations for both the free and paid packs here. Feel free to ask for more help in the comments section.

**Note: I m using pagination here. After each section, just tap on the little numbers before the comments section to get to the next page.**

Level 1.1: g + love = GLOVE

You can also watch my video for levels 1.1 2.8 here:

Level 1.2: CAR + D = CARD

Level 1.3: Each of the numbers represents a letter in the alphabet. So 6 = F, 1 =A, 3 = C, 5 = E. So 6135 = FACE. (Thanks to Taylor for this.)

Level 1.4: TEN x T = TENT

Level 1.5: Apparently this is called a TAB when right side up (I know it as a hanger, but ok ). Upside-down, it becomes BAT.

Level 1.6: W + EAR = WEAR

Level 1.7: M on DAY = MONDAY

Level 1.8: S + NAIL = SNAIL

Click on the little numbers at the bottom to continue to the next page.

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