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My Promise – Effort and Honesty

As your home inspector I will go beyond a basic inspection and focus additionally on safety and material defects which could jeopardize the integrity of your home or it’s occupants. People are the most important component to every home. One of the best parts about a Blue Bear Home inspection is the personal service you will receive. I have a passion for learning and educating and enjoy teaching people about the home they are purchasing. If you are buying a home in Tallahassee, you deserve to have it inspected by Blue Bear Home Inspection, LLC.

If you like, I will happily customize your inspection service to include a walk-through of your new home where we can discuss the many components and how to best maintain and operate each system. I prefer and encourage you to attend the inspection or at the very least, arrive at the end for a walk-through. While shopping for the best home inspectors in Tallahassee. be sure to give Blue Bear a call – I personally guarantee the service will be premier.

Effort and honesty are two of the most important characteristics in choosing your home inspector. I promise to inspect every area of your new home which can be safely accessed and to always be 100% honest. I promise to treat your new home with the same care that I would if my family were moving into it. You are important to me and I demonstrate that by always providing the best service possible.

About Me

My name is Thomas Ailstock and I am a certified professional Home Inspector dedicated to being the best home inspector possible in this community. I am certified by the State of Florida (HI9155) and I am also nationally certified with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI15061614) .

I grew up in Tallahassee. I have worked with local plumbers, electricians, roofers, and whole house remodeling companies. I have great relationships with some of the best Mold Assessors in this area. I work directly with some of the most professional Radon Specialists and Environmental Engineers around. I have teams of people ready and willing to help support my mission of providing you with the best service possible.

My goal as your home inspector is to offer you unbiased information which may help you make informed decisions – and hopefully provide you with a little peace-of-mind in the process. Each home is different and the inspection may uncover some issues. The important thing is to be informed and educated. Information and attention is what sets a Blue Bear inspection apart from other inspections. I focus on educating and informing and go well beyond simply emailing you a report.

In addition to my construction experience, I have a background in training and education. The inspection does not have to be the stressful part of the home buying or selling process. The inspection process can be fun and leave you feeling better informed – do not settle for less. You deserve a home inspector focused on you.

What Others are Saying.

Hemal P. – Tallahassee

This was my first home purchase, so I was new to the process. When it came time to get the home inspected, I did thorough research to find the right person who would look at every detail of the home. Thomas met and exceeded my expectations, finding things that needed fixing at the farthest corners in a cramped attic.

His walkthrough after doing the inspection was great too, I got a lot of tips on how the house reacts to rainwater and proper maintenance.

Very happy with Thomas’ professionalism and insight.

Linda J. – West Palm

Thomas from Blue Bear Inspection was prompt, polite and very professional. The inspection report was thorough and detailed. I recommend his company to all in need of home inspections.

Kristen H. – Tallahassee

Great experience! Customer service outstanding, fast response and provided me with all documentation I needed for my insurance the same day of inspection. I highly recommend.

Victoria R. – Crawfordville

I have never had the need for a home inspection. With Thomas Ailstock, (I) felt at ease immediately. He took the time to explain what I was looking at and that it needed to be repaired, and what might have occurred when it was installed. Most professionals usually do not take such time. I appreciated the fact that he did in such a way that I understood. I was treated very well.

Additionally, and most important, Thomas offered to come out and check the repairs that had to be corrected, free of charge. I would most definitely recommend Thomas to friends and family.

Abe M. – Tallahassee

Thomas did a great job for me at a recent home inspection. Even though the home was new, he still found some problems that would have cost the buyer to correct themselves.

David B. – Pikesville

Friendly, professional and certified. What more do you need in a home inspector?

If you need a home inspection, hire Thomas of Blue Bear, you won’t be sorry.

Suneel M. – Utah

I chose Blue Bear Home Inspection after going through the reviews. I spoke to Thomas and explained my requirements. Being away during the inspection and not seeing the property yet, Thomas went an extra mile to do the inspection and prepare a commentary video so that I can virtually look at inspection activity. With this, I got complete idea on what I’m going to get into.

This is certainly above and beyond what I expect from any Inspection company. I definitely recommend Thomas for home inspection.

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Home Security Systems in Minnesota City, MN

Compare the Best Home Security Systems in Minnesota City, MN

When it comes to home security, all systems are not created equally. Homeowners are more focused now than ever before on keeping their property and families safe from harm. One of the best ways to do this is to install a reliable home security system. With so many options available in Minnesota City, MN, it can be difficult to find the system that best suits the unique needs and preferences of each homeowner.

Luckily, Wirefly has thoroughly researched the top home security systems in Minnesota City, MN. This included discussions with field and industry experts in the home security arena. It also included conducting surveys and polling customers that have used many of these systems. Collectively, this research has enabled Wirefly to create the most accurate and up-to-date information available. To help consumers find the right alarm company for them, here is a comparison of the best home security systems.

How Much Will Home Security Cost a Minnesota City, MN Resident?

Each security company has its advantageous and disadvantageous. No matter what a homeowner is looking for, there is a system out there that should fulfill their needs. There are a few things to consider regarding costs, like installation and equipment. A customer may also need to pay monthly monitoring charges. Some homeowners opt for a system that must be installed by a professional, but some systems can be installed without a skilled professional. The security system could cost approximately $230. People should know that some security companies will give a customer the system if he or she signs up for a monthly monitoring plan. The monitoring service cost will depend on the features a user chooses; the price could be $15 or up to $200.

Availability of Wireless Home Security Systems in Minnesota City, MN

The wireless security system is one of the most important advancements in the home security industry. Wireless home security systems provide Minnesota City, MN residents with a relatively quick installation. Wires and drilling is not necessary. The components of this system communicate with the control panel wirelessly, which allows users to control the system easily. Systems that are fully wireless (or have wireless features) communicate through cellular or Wi-Fi signals. Burglars do not like to deal with wireless security systems. This type of system cannot be disabled easily like antiquated security systems. Traditional systems can be disabled by simply cutting the internet cables or a phone line.

Security Camera Security Systems in Minnesota City, MN

You can design your Minnesota City, MN home security system to meet your needs and the description of your home. These systems can include exterior and interior cameras; you can choose between a range of types, including motion-activated cameras or night vision models. No matter what your particular situation, there should be a camera type that will work best for you. With a remote access security system, you can instantly use your smartphone, tablet or computer to watch live footage of your home security cameras in Minnesota City, MN. You can even review previous footage via software or an app. If you install motion-activated cameras, you can easily move forward to specific times when the cameras were activated without wasting time with blank footage. You can use indoor or doorstep security cameras to monitor your pets or home deliveries, or you can even check what’s happening in one room while you’re in another space.

Smart Home Automation in Minnesota City, MN Increases Protection

Yes, homeowners can add additional smart features to their homes. There are many gadgets available that can make home life a little easier and safer. For example, door locks can now be automated. One can log in to the system anywhere and lock the doors or open them if needed. There are several reasons why someone might need to unlock their doors when they are not home. For one, this could be useful if a child or spouse forgets their keys. All one has to do is look through the digital peephole to verify that it is indeed a family member who is asking for the door to be remotely opened. Smart gadgets can be applied to your appliances, too. A heater or AC could be shut off or turned on without someone being home. This means that a homeowner can make sure his or her home is at an ideal temperature before anyone steps through the front door. The home automation system can alert a homeowner through his or her phone about more than just security breaches. The system can warn about a CO2 leak or water leak, just to name a few examples. Smart automation is the next logical, wise, and incredibly affordable step. Homeowners should take advantage of this opportunity.

Whole Life Insurance: Whole Life Rates – Quotes: Farmers Insurance, whole life


Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance – that can insure you for a lifetime. Premiums are typically level and guaranteed for the life of the policy.

Whole Life Policies

Whole life is one of the most common types of permanent life insurance offered by Farmers New World Life Insurance Company. Whole life insurance combines a level premium with guaranteed cash values which the policy owner may use to meet a variety of financial goals. 3 Whole life insurance policies may also produce excess credits, which may be used to purchase additional paid-up life insurance, potentially increasing the available death benefit. Best of all, whole life policies may offer generally income tax-free 4 access to cash value and death benefits. 5

Farmers EssentialLife Simple Whole Life 6

Farmers EssentialLifeВ® Simple Whole Life is a modernized whole life insurance policy combining the traditional guarantees of whole life with optional riders (available at additional charge), potential to earn excess credits, and a discount 7 for customers with other Farmers insurance policies.

Farmers EssentialLifeВ® Simple Whole Life features guaranteed level premiums, guaranteed cash values and is payable to age 100. Unlike universal life or variable universal life insurance policies, the cash value, premium requirements, and death benefit of Farmers Simple Whole Life policy do not vary based on prevailing interest rates or market performance. It may be an ideal product for customers seeking maximum certainty with permanent, lifelong coverage.

  • Simplified underwriting
  • Discounts available for customers owning other Farmers policies

  • Fast underwriting decision, after completing the application with your local agent

    Farmers Graded Death Benefit Whole Life 8

    To help prepare for life’s unexpected expenses, the Farmers Graded Benefit Whole Life is a life insurance policy for those who want permanent insurance coverage with guaranteed cash values and guaranteed level premiums with a lower face amount. With a simplified underwriting process, the Farmers Graded Benefit policy could offer otherwise uninsurable individuals an opportunity to obtain permanent whole life coverage.

    • No medical exam, just answer three simple health questions to determine eligibility
    • Guaranteed cash value accumulation
    • Guaranteed death benefit. 9 Limited death benefit during the first two policy years.

    Farmers Premier Whole Life 10

    For level insurance coverage throughout the life of the insured, Farmers Premier Whole Life features guaranteed level premiums and guaranteed cash values.

    • A wide range of face amounts for most financial needs
    • Guaranteed cash value accumulation
    • Option to add several riders and benefits available at an additional charge

    Contact a Farmers agent to learn more about whole life insurance.

    2 Lifetime coverage is guaranteed provided premiums are paid per the terms of the contract.

    3 Policy loans and withdrawals will reduce cash surrender value and death benefit. Policy loans are subject to interest charges. If your policy is a modified endowment contract, loans and withdrawals may be subject to taxes and penalties

    4 Distributions from a life insurance policy in the character of partial surrenders (withdrawals) up to basis or policy loans will generally be income tax free, provided the policy does not violate Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) guidelines and the policy is not terminated during the lifetime of the insured. MEC guidelines are rules in the Internal Revenue Code which specify maximum premiums that can be paid without triggering adverse tax consequences for withdrawals. A policy termination during the life of the insured can cause the owner a single taxable event for any gains in the policy that were borrowed or withdrawn on or before the termination date.

    5 For informational purposes only. In general, partial withdrawals from a permanent life insurance policy in excess of the policy’s basis are taxable, and limited circumstances exist where death proceeds will be taxable. Neither Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, its employees nor its Agents provide legal or tax advice. Always consult your own attorney, accountant or tax adviser as to the legal, financial or tax consequences and advice on any particular transaction.

    6 Policy form 2008-352

    7 Customers qualifying for the Farmers Customer Discount may receive up to a 6% discount on the base premium rate per thousand. Contact your agent for more details.

    8 ICC11-2011-123 or applicable state variation. Farmers Graded Death Benefit Whole Life Insurance policy. Limited death benefit during the first two policy years.

    9 The death benefit is guaranteed according to the terms of the contract and provided that premiums are paid.

    10 Policy form 1995-112 or applicable state variation. (Farmers Premier Endowment at age 100 – IN and PA.)

  • Computer Science and Engineering: Welcome to CSE @ UCR, boston university computer


    boston university computer science

    Boston university computer science

    Boston university computer science


    • UCR Home
    • Bourns College of Engineering
    • Computer Science and Engineering

    Welcome to CSE @ UCR

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    Boston university computer science

    News about the Department.

    Distinguished Lecture Series
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    Chair’s Message

    Welcome to Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University of California, Riverside!

    Boston university computer science

    CSE Department Brochure

    In the News

    Boston university computer science

    Prof. Papalexakis wins ACM SIGKDD Dissertation Award Distinction

    August, 2017

    Boston university computer science

    Three from UCR land tenure track faculty positions!

    July, 2017

    Boston university computer science

    Two new faculty join CSE!

    June, 2017

    Boston university computer science

    Recent CSE PhD alumnus’ company featured in the news

    May, 2017

    Boston university computer science

    UCR Researchers part of a team that sequences the Barley Genome

    April, 2017

    Boston university computer science

    Qian receives a National Science Foundation CAREER award

    March, 2017

    Boston university computer science

    UCR CS grad student Yan Zhu is featured in an ongoing TV-ad campaign for Microsoft Research (MSR)

    January, 2017

    Boston university computer science

    UCR PhD student wins best student work award at CoNext 2016 student workshop!

    January, 2017

    Boston university computer science

    Prof. Qian’s commentary featured in an article on identity theft

    December, 2016

    Boston university computer science

    Lonardi recognized as an ACM Distinguished Scientist

    November, 2016

    Boston university computer science

    Best paper award at ICNP

    November, 2016

    Boston university computer science

    Hardware vulnerability used to bypass operating system defense

    October, 2016

    Boston university computer science

    CSE PhD student wins two international competitions

    September, 2016

    Boston university computer science

    New $3 million NSF Research Traineeship award in Computational Entomology

    September, 2016

    Boston university computer science

    Prof. Keogh publishes 30th paper in ICDM!

    September, 2016

    Boston university computer science

    Dangerous Internet vulnerability discovered by UCR team leads to Linux patch

    September, 2016

    Boston university computer science

    Computing the microbiome: Faster and more accurate approaches developed at the CSE Department

    September, 2016

    Boston university computer science

    Can you trust peer to peer lending? #personal #finance,finance


    Can you trust ‘peer to peer’ lending?

    Last week saw the return of Bank of Dave on Channel 4. The television show, which proved to be a surprise hit last summer, chronicles one man s attempt to take on the might of the banking establishment by opening a viable alternative in his home town.

    Despite widespread support, which saw local residents queuing to hand over their money so he could lend it out to Burnley-based businesses, the second series focuses on the problems Dave Fishwick encountered trying to get this project off the ground.

    Not surprisingly, his antics have struck a chord with many, fed up with the poor service, miserly savings rates and draconian lending rules deployed by the main high street banks.

    But while most wouldn t want to go as far as the people s banker and set up their own bank, there are already established ways that consumers can bypass the banks when saving and borrowing.

    So-called peer-to-peer lenders, which link those with cash to spare with those wanting to borrow money, have now been in operation in Britain for almost 10 years. This year the lenders operating in this market are expected to arrange some £500m of lending business.

    Related Articles

    The names of the biggest peer-to-peer lenders Zopa, Ratesetter and Funding Circle are hardly household names, and certainly far less familiar than the likes of Barclays, HSBC or NatWest. But recently the Bank of England has suggested that these new kids on the block could become a major force in the financial market over the next decade.

    Some offer loans to individuals, some use the money raised to lend to small businesses. Although each works in a slightly different way (see below), the basic premise is the same. The lender acts as an introducer, and takes a fee for this service. But in most cases the fee is significantly less than the margin charged by banks, as peer-to-peer lenders do not have to guarantee savers deposits nor take on the risk that borrowers be they home owners, credit card customers or small businesses will not pay back their loans.

    If they do default, it is the savers who will lose, not the peer-to-peer lender sat in the middle.

    This gives them their greatest advantage over the banks, as well as their biggest pitfall.

    Lower operating costs mean that the peer-to-peer lenders can offer cheaper loans and pay higher interest rates to savers, which has proved particularly attractive in the current climate.

    But savers should not forget the maxim that higher returns mean higher risks. At a time when the economy remains tough and unemployment remains high, there is a danger that the number of defaults could rise, putting savers money at risk.

    None of these schemes is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme so savers have no recourse for compensation if they lose their money.

    However, the various peer-to-peer lenders use a number of ways to reduce the risk of an individual saver losing all their money. They will also argue that stringent credit checks on borrowers mean that to date their default rates are lower than most high street banks.

    Alternatively, if this all sounds too risky, there are always traditional credit unions to consider. These are often run by work-based unions, or are based in a particular town, and again aim to provide small loans to those in need, funded through a savings book.

    Although savers will have more protection than through a peer-to-peer lender, typically the rates offered to savers are far less competitive, and not any better than most would be able to get from a best buy savings account.

    However, they will often advance credit to those who are unable to get a personal loan from a high street bank, and their terms will be far more favourable than unauthorised overdrafts or payday loans, which can often be the next resort of those struggling financially.

    Below we look in more detail at the main peer-to-peer lenders and highlight what rates they pay, what the current default rates are and what steps they take to help protect savers money.

    Launched March 2005

    Amount lent to date: More than £278m

    Default rate 0.5pc

    Average savings rate 5.4pc (after charges and defaults)

    Average loan rate 6.7pc (on £5,000 loan)

    Fee paid by savers 1pc of the amount lent

    Fee paid by borrowers Up to £190 per loan, included in advertised APR

    Zopa was the first peer-to-peer lender to launch in Britain and remains the largest. One of the keys to its success has been the low default rate, achieved through strict screening of potential borrowers: it said more than 75pc of borrowers who apply for credit are turned away. Those that are successful typically get loans that are 20pc cheaper than those offered by the high street banks.

    If you want to borrow money, not only will your credit file be checked, but also affordability factors. A spokesman said: Many people may have a good credit score because they haven t defaulted on loans in the past. But if they are taking on debt which they could struggle to repay in future, we will turn them away because they pose too big a risk.

    Savers who are putting up this cash should also know that their money is split across a minimum of 50 borrowers, so they don t have more than £10 with any one borrower. They can also choose which type of borrower they want to lend to, and how long the loan is for. This will affect the return they receive.

    In each category, a range of rates is displayed and the saver then sets the return they want to earn on their money. If they go lower than the suggested range, their money will be snapped up instantly; if they go higher, they may struggle to attract borrowers. They can, of course, diversify further by spreading their money between different lending groups.

    When will rates rise? Watch out for the updates in our weekly newsletter: Sign up for free

    Launched October 2010

    Amount lent to date: £58m

    Default rate 0.35pc

    Average savings rate 5pc (after all fees)

    Average loan rate 7.6pc (on £5,000 loan)

    Fee paid by savers 10pc of interest received (all interest rates shown after fees)

    Fee paid by borrowers From £80, depend on term and size of loan

    With Ratesetter those putting up money don t have to choose who they want to lend money to. Rhydian Lewis, the founder of the site, said: We ve found many customers find it difficult to judge the relative merits of lending to an A* borrower at 5pc or an A borrower at 6pc. Instead savers are given one interest rate set by the market on the site on any given day. The only variable is how long your money is tied up for (the longer the period, the higher the rate). Ratesetter also offers short-term products, paying 2.5pc if customers lock funds away for just a month and a rate of 3.2pc on a one year bond.

    The key difference is the provision fund to cover bad debts. This is paid for by the borrowers, via an additional rate charge, with higher-risk borrowers making a higher contribution to this fund. This fund isn t guaranteed to cover all defaults in full. But as it stands now at £838,000 bad debts would need to increase 11-fold before savers are affected. To date all saver have received back every penny lent, with interest paid in full.

    Mr Lewis said: Our users enjoy the additional security of our provision fund. While we are making clear that this is not an absolute guarantee, it should provide additional peace of mind.

    Our stringent credit checks mean that only about 10pc of loan applications get through at present. This ensure the default rates remain within the scope of the provision fund.

    Launched August 2010

    Amount lent to date £81m

    Default rate 1.5pc

    Average savings rate 5.7pc (after charges and defaults)

    Average loan rate 8.8pc (on £5,000 loan)

    Fee paid by savers 1pc annual fee

    Fee paid by borrowers 2pc to 5pc depending on loan type

    The twist here is that money is lent to small businesses, rather than individuals. James Meekings, the co founder, said they were aiming at low-risk businesses struggling to get finance from the banks at affordable rates.

    All firms are screened and the company will not accept either start-ups or sole traders.

    While firms are required to have a minimum of two years audited accounts, Mr Meekings said many will have far longer trading records, on average 15 years, and a significant proportion is lent to companies in manufacturing.

    However, he stresses that lending money to businesses is not without risk and this is reflected in the returns paid. The maximum interest that can be earned is 15pc, though the average is nearer half this.

    In many ways these are not comparable with the returns paid on savings accounts, where there is very little risk involved, he said.

    Mr Meekings said a fairer comparison was the returns made from corporate bonds. Savers can access their money at any point, by selling their loans on to other lenders, but there is a 0.25pc charge for doing this.

    Psychotherapy, Dr, associates degree physical therapy.#Associates #degree #physical #therapy



    Associates degree physical therapyAnna R.M. Hebert, Psy.D

    Dr. Hebert is a pediatric neuropsychologist who has experience providing consultations, evaluations, and assistance with treatment planning for children, adolescents, and young adults with a variety of learning disabilities and developmental and acquired neuropsychological conditions. Dr. Hebert received her Bachelor’s degree from Bates College, where she majored in Psychology and Educational Studies. Following graduation, Dr. Hebert worked with children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and severe maladaptive behavior at the New England Center for Children. It was there that she gained training and experience in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. Dr. Hebert completed her graduate education and training at Widener University’s Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, where she specialized in neuropsychology and school psychology. While at Widener, her research focused on nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD). Dr. Hebert completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at Boston Neuropsychological Services (BNS) in Needham. She is a BCBS provider.

    Associates degree physical therapyJessica Benetti-McQuoid, Ph.D

    Dr. Jessica Benetti-McQuoid is a clinical psychologist with specialty training in pediatric neuropsychology. She is experienced in providing comprehensive evaluations for school-aged children, adolescents and young adults presenting with a range of developmental, cognitive, learning, emotional and behavioral challenges. Additionally, Dr. Benetti-McQuoid remains available for ongoing consultation as it pertains to treatment planning. She has presented to numerous parent groups and has participated in clinical training of post-doctoral fellows.

    Dr. Benetti-McQuoid completed her undergraduate and graduate education in psychology at Suffolk University. Subsequent to completion of her doctoral program, she obtained advanced clinical training in pediatric neuropsychology at the Children’s Evaluation Center, in Newton, MA. Dr. Benetti-McQuoid has provided evaluative and treatment services in both clinical and educational settings as well as private practice. She is a Harvard Pilgrim and BCBS provider.

    Associates degree physical therapyEmily Pearce, Psy.D.

    Dr. Pearce is a postdoctoral fellow with education and training in neuropsychological assessment across the lifespan. She received her Bachelor’s degree from College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, where she majored in Psychology and minored in Italian. After graduation, she worked in Springfield, MA providing therapeutic mentoring services to children and adolescents. She received her doctoral degree from Antioch University New England in Keene, NH. Her pre-doctoral training included the provision of psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessment services to children, adolescents, and adults with developmental disorders, learning disorders, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, mood disorders, developmental trauma, severe brain injury, concussion, and dementia. Her research at Antioch focused on the relationships between family stress, social support, and physical function in adults receiving rehabilitation after acquired brain injury. Dr. Pearce completed her pre-doctoral internship at Frontier Health, a community mental health system in East Tennessee, where she provided psychotherapy andpsychological assessment services to a variety of populations.

    Sports Administration Degree Programs with Career Info #sports #administration #degree, #sports #administration


    Sports Administration Degree Programs with Career Info

    Essential Information

    People who have an interest in sports, but more talent for organization and management than athletic ability, are especially good candidates to pursue a degree in sports administration. A bachelor’s degree program in sports administration integrates concepts from business administration, health and athletics to prepare students for an array of supporting roles in the sports industry. Graduates can pursue mid-management or coordinator positions in schools, camps, sports marketing companies or fitness centers.

    A master’s degree program in sports administration addresses the financial, managerial, organizational, promotional and legal challenges of administering a sports facility, sports program or recreation program. Sports administration curricula are structured to provide practical experience through internships and a theoretical and conceptual foundation through academic courses in marketing and promotion, media relations, organizational structure and finance. Senior management positions in sports marketing firms, sports manufacturing companies, consulting firms, professional sports organizations or sports agencies could be explored by those holding a master’s degree in sports administration.

    Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Administration

    Event management, facility management, marketing and sports law are among the relevant topics addressed in a 4-year degree program’s curriculum. Many programs require completion of an internship or practicum. Some allow students to choose a concentration, such as coaching.

    A high school diploma or GED is the primary admission requirement for a bachelor’s degree program. Additional requirements may include taking a semester of undergraduate general education courses and passing with at least a ‘C’ average.

    English, accounting, economics and courses in the arts and humanities may be part of the general education component of a bachelor’s degree program. Courses specific to sports administration might include:

    • Sports administration introduction
    • Kinesiology introduction
    • Sports psychology
    • Health and recreation program planning
    • Sports law and ethics

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Kinesiology and Exercise Science
    • Physical Education and Health
    • Sport and Fitness Management
    • Sports Medicine

    Master’s Degree in Sports Administration

    At the master’s level, students can expect to take courses emphasizing upper management responsibilities and organizational leadership. Some programs offer a dual degree option in business administration and sports administration or law and sports administration. A master’s degree is typically earned in two years.

    Applicants to a sports administration master’s degree program need to have completed a bachelor’s degree with a grade point average from 2.7-3.0. The degree may be in any subject, but some programs may require enrollees to take business courses if their degree wasn’t in a business-related subject.

    The core component of a master’s degree program may feature business administration courses with a sports emphasis. Students are required to complete a practicum and take electives like sports administration research or modern sports issues. Sports administration courses may include:

    • Sports marketing and promotion
    • Contract negotiation
    • Media relations
    • Sports finance and fundraising
    • College and professional sports
    • Sports research and statistics

    Popular Career Options

    Graduates of a bachelor’s program in sports management have leadership, problem-solving, management, communication and critical-thinking skills that are necessary to work in the sports industry. Possible employment opportunities for bachelor’s degree holders include:

    • High school coach
    • Facility manager
    • Assistant athletic director
    • Event coordinator
    • Sports camp director

    Employment Outlook and Salary Info

    Earning a master’s degree in sports administration qualifies degree holders for a range of high-level positions in school athletics, professional athletics and recreation management. Over the 2014-2024 decade, employment of recreation workers will grow 10% (faster than average for all occupations), and employment of college and university athletic directors – categorized as postsecondary education administrators – will grow 9%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov. ).

    According to Payscale.com, most recreation supervisors earned $31,827-$62,563 per year as of October 2016, while most parks and recreation directors earned salaries of $32,207-$96,439 and athletic directors earned $36,452-$95,901 per year.

    Continuing Education Information

    The highest level positions related to sports administration are more likely to go to candidates who have earned a master’s degree. A broad selection of schools offer master’s degree programs in sports administration. Some offer MBA programs with a sports management focus.

    Sports administration degree programs at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels give students training in the fields of business and organizational management. Some bachelor’s degree graduates can take such jobs as high school coaches or facility managers, while others may pursue master’s degrees to prepare for employment in high-level management and administration positions.

    Next: View Schools

    Training in sports psychology typically focuses on the mental and physical processes related to athletic performance. Find out.

    Sports medicine certifications are generally optional credentials that demonstrate specialized competence. Continue reading for.

    A career in sports writing requires little formal education. Learn about the training, job duties and requirements to see if.

    Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a sports photographer. Get a quick view of the requirements as well.

    • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Health Care Administration
    • M.B.A. with an Emphasis in Sports Business
    • MBA: Health Systems Management
    • MS in Health Care Administration
    • Master of Public Administration – Health Care Management
    • BS in Sports Management
    • BS in Health Sciences: Professional Development & Advanced Patient Care
    • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science
    • BS in Health Care Administration
    • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science with an Emphasis in Trauma
    • View more
    • Doctor of Psychology – Sport and Performance Psychology
    • Doctor of Psychology – Health and Wellness Psychology
    • Master of Arts in Psychology – Sport and Performance Psychology
    • Master of Arts in Psychology – Health and Wellness Psychology
    • View more

  • Choices Treatment Center #lincoln, #nebraska, #gambling, #counseling, #consultation, #gamblers #anonymous, #gamanon, #mental


    Choices Treatment Center

    Choices is an outpatient treatment and recovery facility committed to helping individuals overcome problems related to gambling, substance abuse, and mental health through a holistic approach so all co-occurring issues may be addressed.

    We offer a 24-hour helpline staffed by licensed counselors, individual and group counseling, and education sessions.

    Our counselors are certified with the Nebraska Gamblers Assistance Program. This program allows us to provide, at no charge to the client, assessments for Problem/Pathological Gamblers, consultations/interventions for problem gamblers and their families, financial counseling, and individual treatment.

    Choices Staff is also available for presentations to schools, community groups, churches and businesses on the problems of gambling/gaming.

    Our counselors are dually credentialed – Choices also offers Mental Health assessments, Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Substance Abuse Evaluations, DUI/DWI Education Program, Anger Management Education, and Budget and Finance Counseling.

    The Choices Mission

    Choices mission is to provide quality services in a caring environment by offering a full range of treatment options to individuals and families.

    Bryan LGH Medical Plaza
    1500 S 48 St Lincoln, NE
    Second floor of the Medical Plaza

    GAMANON: Classroom 1B
    1st Saturday of each month GA Gamanon meet together

    Grand Island Gamblers Anonymous
    Friday, 7pm (GA) Open Meeting-Family Members Welcome
    St. Francis Medical Center, 2116 West Faidley Ave. Room A, Lower Level
    Phone Contact: Connie 308-390-6398

    Hastings Gamblers Anonymous
    Monday, 6:30pm (GA) Open Meeting-Family Members Welcome
    Mary Lanning Medical Services Bldg (Basement), 1715 North St Joseph Ave.
    Phone Contact: Connie 308-390-6958

    Kearney Gamblers Anonymous (12 Step)
    Wednesday, 7:30pm (Gamblers 12 Step) Open Meeting- Family Members Welcome
    Crossroads Rescue Mission, 1404 East 39th Street
    Phone Contact: Geoff 308-293-8156, Patrick 308-293-4782

    Scottsbluff Gamblers Anonymous (12 Step)
    Thursday, 6:30 pm (Gamblers 12 Step) Open Meeting- Family Members Welcome
    18 West 16th Street
    Phone Contact: Lisa 308-641-8070

    Phone Numbers

    • OMAHA, NE GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS: 402-978-7557


    • Free Assessments for Problem/Pathological Gamblers
    • Free consultations/interventions for problem gamblers and their families
    • Mental Health Assessments
    • Individual, Family Marriage Counseling
    • Substance Abuse Evaluations and Treatment (court approved individual, outpatient intensive outpatient)
    • DUI/DWI Education Programs
    • Budgeting Classes and Counseling
    • Anger Management Counseling


    National Recovery Month

    Home – LLUMC Preventive Medicine Residency Program #md #mph #program


    Preventive Medicine Residency Program

    LLUMC Preventive Medicine Residency Program

    Welcome to the Loma Linda University Preventive Medicine Residency Program! At Loma Linda University (LLU). we aim to prepare well trained preventive medicine physicians to address the health of individuals and populations. We offer innovative training in clinical preventive medicine and public health, with strengths in the areas of lifestyle medicine, global health, and whole-person care. LLU provides several types of training opportunities in preventive medicine, including categorical and combination programs.

    The Preventive Medicine Residency at Loma Linda University is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and fulfills the requirements for the certifying examination of the American Board of Preventive Medicine. Loma Linda University is oriented toward clinical preventive medicine and has been a leader in this area for many years. The training incorporates a wide variety of experiences in several affiliated institutions including: the LLU Medical Center. the local County Public Health Department. a VA Medical Center. a not-for-profit HMO, a for-profit HMO, a Center for Health Promotion. and a Federally Qualified Health Center (SACHS). LLU offers a competitive resident salary with excellent benefits. All residents earn a free Masters in Public Health from the Loma Linda University School of Public Health.

    Thank you for your interest in our program. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Categorical Preventive Medicine

    PGY-1 Positions
    Each year we offer two PGY-1 year categorical positions in the Transitional Year (Preventive Medicine Track) through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). Residents selected for this PGY-1 year will subsequently complete two years (PGY-2 3) of General Preventive Medicine Public Health training upon successful completion of the PGY-1 year.

    PGY-2 Positions
    We offer two additional PGY-2 positions each year in General Preventive Medicine and Public Health, for applicants who have already completed a suitable internship or prior residency in another specialty. These residents receive two years (PGY-2 3) of training in Preventive Medicine.

    Combination Programs in Preventive Medicine

    PGY-1 Positions
    We off four PGY-1 positions each year for the Family Medicine Preventive Medicine program. which leads to board eligibility in both specialties.

    kmlynch July 14, 2014

    Heating – Air Conditioning Contractor – Plumber in Staten Island #plumber #jersey


    Trusted For Over 80 Years

    S caran, established in 1930, provides same-day, expert heating, air conditioning and plumbing emergency repair and replacement. Scaran also offers Priority Service Plans that guarantee same-day response at discounted rates and all repairs are guaranteed for five years. Scaran provides free estimates on replacement systems and can also supply home heating oil and natural gas reliably and at a savings.

    Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service and we do that by employing the best people in our industry and supporting them with state of the art equipment and training. You can rest assured that every Scaran employee is drug tested, fully insured, and properly licensed. We also offer up-front pricing so every customer can approve the cost of repair before being charged any fees. We take pride in being the best service company on Staten Island and we back it up with our Scaran-Tee of 100% satisfaction or you money back! We are here to serve and hope you will allow us the opportunity to meet all your energy supply and comfort needs.

    Get to Know Us

    If your new comfort system fails to keep you comfortable up to five (5) years after installation, Scaran will make unlimited attempts to resolve the issue up to and including removing your new comfort system and refunding 100% of the purchase price.

    If your new comfort system fails to keep you comfortable up to five (5) years after installation, Scaran will make unlimited attempts to resolve the issue. And, if we cannot resolve the issue with the existing equipment, Scaran will replace the system with a new system of equal value absolutely free!

    Scaran offers a 5-year warranty on all non-maintenance repair parts. All we require is that you participate in Scaran s Priority Service Plan on the covered equipment to ensure peak performance and maximum efficiency. For more on this or any of our other products and services,give us a call! Don t forget to ask us about our exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!