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I just paid my $5 deposit but never got an answer. I want my money back. My oder number is 16718413537. I trusted JustAnswer. After I waited about 30 minutes another person asked me what my problem was. I told her twice and also gave her my Order Number. She said she would return me back to the specialist. Nope. Another person came on. AND wanted me to put another $5 deposit down. No Help At All. Then when I went back to Just.Answer I. Read more

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Yesterday I logged in for the first time and asked my question. I was astonished to see that you seem to be UK based. I deliberately put South Africa in the title of my search. I was asked to pay R260 which I did. I was asked for my details but your site would not accept my email address, saying it had been used before which is nonsense.I complained and the next amount I was told to pay was R350. I was also told that the payment doesn’t go. Read more

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There must be someone that can help people like me STOP PEOPLE LIKE JUSTANWER. From helping themselves to money that does NOT belong to them THEY ARE TAKING MONEY THAT THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TOO, I HAVE NOT GIVEN CONSENT TO THEM! I HAVE NOT FILLED IN A CONSENT AUTHORISATION BANK FORM GIVING THEM AUTHORITY TO START DIRECT DEBITS THIS SERVICE IS STEALING FROM ME Taking money out of my private bank account violating my rights. They have ripped me. Read more

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The first time I was trying to get information about an old Japanese print or painting and I was referred to an “expert” in Japanese art who could not identify ANY of the symbols and NO IDEA whatsoever about the picture. I was charged for this “service” anyway and had to contact my credit card bank to dispute the charge. The second time I was asking for advice from an immigration lawyer who only supplied basic knowledge that is available for. Read more

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One of the HVAC units at my home failed overnight and, when I attempted to contact the manufacturer for assistance, I was steered to this website and so I contacted them. Big mistake in hindsight. They were fairly transparent about the costs involved and–so far at least–have not taken more money from my credit card than they promised. However, JustAnswer should still be held accountable for at least some misrepresentation. They claim their. Read more

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Recently went to their site to get an answer for a problem I was having with my minivan. Since I needed something more than what I could find out on the internet, I thought this would be the place to go. WRONG! THIS SITE HAS SOME VERY MISLEADING STATEMENTS regarding when they charge your CC and for how much. When you hit the landing page, it states that you pay a $5 deposit, then $38 when you are satisfied with the answer. “When you are. Read more

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I only used this service once. now they are stealing from me! taking money out of my bank account they have done this twice to me! charged me $115.00 dollars for what? Is there anything that I am able to do? would appreciate any suggestions? This company of lawyers SO CALLED lawyers are ripping people off! Is there anyone that can suggest what is the best possible way in trying to stop these people doing this? They are doing it to a lot of. Read more

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I want my money back. They just bounced me around there site. No answers and would not address my complaints. I .never got any satisfaction no matter what I asked. they just moved me from one place to another. I dont Know what happened to there service but it is really bad now. They told me I had to wait several days for a answer. I dont have several days. I dont have 100 words to fill out this form. I could have told you in less the 20 words. Read more

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