10 Website that Pays to Answer Questions from Home My Honest Recommendation, websites that

10 Website that Pays You to Answer Questions from Home

Websites that answer questions

Looking for a work from home opportunity where you can get paid to share your expertise?

There are a few question-answer sites which you can join and get paid to answer questions via email, phone and chat.

Check out the list of website that allows people to answer questions from home and make money online.

Answer Questions from Home via Text Message:

63336 – They have not updated their website for the last few years. Even their Facebook page is not working. I have emailed them a few times to inquire about their current positions but have not received any response.

According to their contact page – “if you are interested in working for us, please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]”.

Answer Questions from Home via Phone/Email/Chat:

Weegy – As a Weegy expert, you can expect to make $0.20 USD for each question answered only if the user asking the question is willing to pay for an answer.

In today’s age of Quora, Yahoo Answers and Reddit, very few people uses Weegy’s Pro feature to get their questions answered and the popularity of the website have declined drastically over the years.

So basically, you will spend almost all your time waiting for a paid question and mostly answering free question from home. By the end of the month, you will earn peanuts for all your time and effort.

I would recommend you not to apply for the position of Weegy’s paid expert.

Experts 123 – According to Experts123, to get more traffic to your article or answered questions, you have to:

  • Write the best articles on a topic
  • Write answers in the most helpful way possible so that it get a lot of up-votes
  • Share the article on social media sites
  • Ask your friends to join Experts123 and contribute to each other’s traffic too.

If your answer garner a lot of up-votes, you will be considered an expert and you might get an opportunity to write a paid article (which is rare).

Websites that answer questions

Most people join Experts123 to promote their dubious health products or business. Even the community is not much active with only a handful of questions asked on each category every month.

If you are a great writer then I would recommend you to start your own blog or work as a freelance writer.

FixYa – As a FixYa expert, you have to help people out with their technical queries. If you love DIY’s and fixing stuffs, you can help people by answering their technical questions via chat to get paid.

I would recommend you to work as a technical chat agent for FixYa only if you love technology. As most of the questions are related to fixing technical stuffs.

For a few questions like “Where is the water pump on a Yamaha 20 electric start 2014?”, you can find out a solution simply by researching online.

But for other questions like – “How to fix a printer?”, you have to answer those questions in a way that can be easily understood by a non-technical person.

Help Owl – You have to do one of the following:

  • ask 1000 new and original questions
  • answer 500 questions
  • upload 200 original – never uploaded before on HelpOwl – 1-10 page manual
  • upload 100 original 11-50 page manual
  • upload 67 original 51-100 page manual
  • upload 50 original 100+ pages manual
  • write 67 reviews of a company, product or automobile

… to earn 50000 points that you can exchange for $10 Amazon or Walmart gift card.

Is it worth your time? You decide.

Just Answer – If you are a real expert in any field, you can get paid to share your expertise and earn a percentage of what customers are willing to pay for the answer.

To start with the application process, you have to fill out an application form, choose the categories of expertise and submit your resume, personal identification documents, work certificates and educational certificates.

After your application is verified and approved, you can start working from home as a paid expert for Just Answer. Just Answer hire experts from worldwide.

I would recommend you to join this website but don’t expect much from the very beginning. Just focus on answering the questions as best as you can to get positive customer rating, money will automatically follow.

KGB – Their application, apps and about page works fine but none of the other pages work.

May be there is something really wrong with my internet connection or with my location.

Did the other pages open for you? Do let me know in the comments below.

Wonder – As a paid researcher for Wonder, you have to answer questions from their Research Dashboard. If the client is satisfied with your answer, you will get paid.

The website does not have much of an activity and the number of clients are decreasing day by day. I would not recommend you join Wonder.

Ether – Another website that is fading away from the crowded internet.

Almost all their experts have not received any paid opportunities within the last 90 days (June 2017 – Sep. 2017) and the situation was same before that too.

So, you won’t be able to earn any money joining as a paid expert and answering questions from home for Ether.

Maven – In the last year, I have referred over 60 qualified experts and a few hundred-other people to Maven.

Among them, only 2 qualified experts a general physician and a dietician managed to earn $150 and $30 respectively.

So, even if you are a qualified expert, you won’t make much money working as a paid expert for Maven.

I agree, if you promote your Maven profile both physically (business cards and stuff) and virtually (on social media sites) then you might get a few calls/chats here and there.

But why bother joining Maven when you can create your own website and market your business on social media sites to attract clients. At least you will weed out the competition that you have to face when you start working for websites like Maven.

Do you agree with my recommendations? What else would you like to add to this list?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Do share this article with your friends on social media so that more and more people become aware about these work from home question-answer sites.

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